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Naga Public Market To Be Rebuilt

November 17, 2008

It was reported that funds will be released for the reconstruction of the Naga Public Market (Supermarket) which was hit by a fire recently. Sen. Joker Arroyo and Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr., who both hail from Camarines Sur said that P70 million will soon be available. The two Camarinesences visited the city recently to assess the aftermath of the fire. On the part of the city, Mayor Jesse Robredo said it will contribute P20 million from its own funds. The combined amount is thought to be enough to start the first phase of the reconstruction of the market. Additional funds though will be needed later to complete the task of reconstruction.

From the city’s perspective, an immediate reconstruction is a must. Aside from the dislocation of various sectors, economic activity gets re-routed (sometimes to other places) once the central market of the locality is debilitated. In the past, towns whose market are hit by fire and whose reconstruction lagged slipped a notch or two in the economic ladder.

From the people’s perspective, normal livelihood must be restored to obviate the economic impact of the fire. From the point of view of consumers and suppliers normalcy will be restored if a permanent place for commerce is again available.

It is now the task of all sectors to join hands to rebuild the commercial center of the city.

Naga’s public market was initially built in 1963. It was still considered Bicol’s biggest with about 700 stalls.

It was hit by a post-midnight fire last November 7. The blaze lasted till the break of day and damage was placed at P100 million. The streets Igualdad and General Luna now serves temporarily in its place.

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