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Moral Challenge: angry gays protest ban of same-sex marriage in California

November 9, 2008

During the election in November 4, 2008, Californians were asked to decide on Proposition 8—a move to reverse the law enacted by the state Supreme Court in May 2008 on the validity of same-sex marriage.

Barack Obama fans and liberal democrats had a big surprise when West Coast’s residents rejected gay marriage (approved Proposition 8) in spite of the secular reputation of California, a bastion of democrat-liberals who generally support gay lifestyle. Two thirds of California’s black voters (66%) who voted for Obama didn’t do so for the lesbians and homosexuals. A record of these gays, 18,000 of them, forged matrimonies in the last 5 months before the election.

By the strength of the ballot, gay marriage prohibition won in California, Florida and Arizona. Only Massachusetts and Connecticut now approve same-sex marriages. On the other hand, New Jersey and New Hampshire only permit civil unions with the same legal rights as marriage.

What ensued was a flurry of gay activists’ angry protests who blamed religion, among others as a cause of their defeat. Despite the expressed will of the people, well-organized and vocal homosexual groups numbering up to 10,000 converged in San Diego on November 8, 2008 to protest.

In Salt Lake, Utah, a group of 2,000 staged a rally against the Church of the Latter Day’s Saints (Mormons) and mainstream Christians who forbid gay marital unions. Five thousand (5,000) gay marriage supporters came to a similar mass action in Los Angeles area.

The passing of Proposition 8 in California is a victory for conservatives. For now, the religious right and those who want to uphold traditional family and moral values have an upper hand. But the radical liberals are fighting back to change the rules and impose alternative lifestyle for society. In spite of the understanding, tolerance, and partner benefits given to gay couples, moves to redefine marriage go on.

The increasingly secular world has made people to ponder on what is right and wrong. An alarming fifty (50%) of traditional marriages end up in divorce in the United States. There are those who think the socio-cultural debacle stirred by the same-sex marriage issue, along with questions on abortion, euthanasia, pornography, illegal drugs, and stem-cell research may indicate the fraying of America’s moral values which signals its decline. Respect for the poor, aged, disabled and children are on the wane.

Contrarians however think gay marriage is a boost to advance modernity and sophistication— an expression of liberation from what others perceive as anachronism and religion’s oppressive hold on the people’s imagination. Quo Vadis, America? Where are you going, World? (Photo Credits:; ncregister; =0=

Heard from Luli Macapagal-Arroyo

November 5, 2008

“Basta personal life ko, ‘di ko talaga sasagutin…I really just want to keep my private life private, as it has always been,” said the 37 year-old Evangeline Lourdes “Luli” M. Arroyo, the daughter of Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo in a reaction to the news of her wedding.

The prospective groom is Luigi Bernas, the nephew of Rev. Joaquin Bernas of Ateneo de Manila Law School. While her father Miguel Arroyo expressed approval of the plan, Luli prefers to talk about her work more than her rumored marriage. Has anyone seen eyebrows rising or heard murmurs sounding? (Photo Credit: Noel MD)=0=

UPDATE: As of this writing, Luli M. Arroyo and J. Aloysius (Luigi) Bernas are wedded in Tagaytay on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008 in a private ceremony. Inquirer (11/05/08, Guinto,J)

Filipinos in Style: 10 helicopters eclipses the bride in a fabulous wedding in Davao

October 21, 2008

Not often heard of in the economy-battered country like the Philippines, a fabulous wedding held on Saturday, October 18, 2008 brought a fleet of 10 helicopters to the Seagull Mountain resort in Davao City for the wedding of Jeliza Farah, the daughter of Pres. Sec. Jesus Dureza to Rodford Uy.

Two of the helicopters were said to be government-owned, the others private. There must be a lot of “ahs and ohs” from the poor folks in the village where the spectacular fly-by of the entourage occured. A banana magnate, a mining official, a prominent protestant pastor, and a host of Pinoy glitterati were in attendance in the wedding solemnized by the local archbishop. Pres. Gloria M. Arroyo, former Pres. Fidel Ramos and National Sec. Adviser Norberto Gonzales stood as sponsors. The local police, members of the military, and the Presidential Security Group had to be called to restrain the crowd.(Photo Credit: Salvan)=0=

Milestone: Mary Ann Dalangin & Romeo Ensalada Wedding

September 19, 2008

On September 18, 2008 in Our Lady of Good Counsel Church at 90th Street, New York, NY, Mary Ann Dalangin and Romeo Ensalada exchanged wedding vows witnessed by their respective families, friends, and relatives. The beautiful bride is the daughter of long-time family friend, Fronie Brucal-Dalangin of Naga City and hubby Ernie Dalangin of Batangas. The happy reception was held at Woodbury Country Club in Woodbury, New York. UP Ibalon sends its congratulations and felicitations to the lucky newly weds. =0=