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Frigid weather persists

February 3, 2009

Snowy cold weather still persists in states of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maine. Gusty frigid weather dominated New York with an accumulation of about 3 inches in the neighborhoods of the city today. Scattered snow showers which bring chills to commuters are expected tomorrow Wednesday, February 4, 2009. (Photo Credit: AFM)

Groundhog Day and the Feast of Candlemas

February 2, 2009

Just as Pittsburg football fans celebrated the winning of the Steelers over the Arizona Cardinals in Superbowl XLIII, the residents of Punxsutawney, Pennsylavania saw the shadow of groundhog Phil on early Monday morning of February 2, 2009. The sight of the weather predicting furry badger supposedly indicated winter this year would extend to 6 weeks more.

Punxsutawney Phil came out to be seen by about 13,000 onlookers in a ritual of a small town in the county of Jefferson, PA, 84 miles northeast of Pittsburg.

According to German superstition, if a hibernating animal casts a shadow on Feb. 2 — the Christian holiday of Candlemas — winter will last another six weeks. If no shadow is seen, legend says, spring will come early..— AP (02/02/09)

Holiday of Candlemas

The holiday of Candlemas, a tradition of Christians like the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches, is commemorated in honor of the Jesus’ presentation in the temple on February 2. It is the day Simeon beheld Jesus as “the light.” The celebration occurs between the December solstice and the March equinox, about halfway prior to the onset of spring.

According to the gospel, Jesus for the first time was brought to the temple in Jerusalem as Mary completed the traditional 40 days of purification after delivery. Jesus as the “Light of the World,” is honored with the blessing of candles to be used through the year. The temple presentation is revered as the 4th mystery of the Catholic’s holy rosary tradition. (Photo Source & Credit: Presentation in the Temple by Ambrogio Lorenzetti PD) =0=

The Presentation of the Temple

by Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1344) Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy


Wintry blast in the Northeast

December 20, 2008

The first major winter storm came yesterday in the Northeast, blanketing New York with a slushy wet snow of up to about 4 inches. The cold weather marked the onset of a frigid weekend which made street walking inconvenient for the workers and holiday shoppers.

The sky was gray and lusterless without the sun the whole day. A mix of snow and rain battered the city and airports had to cancel about 800 flights, stranding many passengers. On the street in Astoria, the houses seemed to shudder in the biting cold, forcing residents to stay at home to keep warm. The wicked weather was also seen in places like Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, and New England. (Photo Credits: mesiamd; Warga/ News) =0=