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Falcons to drive away birds at airport

February 1, 2009

After the near death of passengers of United Airways Flight 1549 that went on emergency landing in NY Hudson River because of an encounter with birds which stopped the airplane’s engines, Andrew Barnes of Falcon Environmental Services, Inc. (FES) said falcons are the best tools to prevent hitting errant birds and clearing runways.

New York Port Authority (PA) has a five-year $3 million agreement with John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport to use falconry and a state-of-the art bird radar system. After the scary US Airways Flight 1549 bird collision last month, the PA has asked the Federal Aviation administration (FAA,) to install the bird detecting system at LaGuardia. — Daily News (02/01/09, Launger, J)

Working to shoo away birds in the McGuire Airbase in New Jersey, Barnes believes the predatory falcon which is used in JFK Airport for the last 10 years is effective in scaring away gulls and other avian species that pose hazards to incoming and outgoing aircrafts. (Photo Credit: Vidular) =0=