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Baby whale shark (butanding) found in Sorsogon

March 10, 2009

The World Wide Fund (WWF) –Philippines, a nature conservation group, reports the rescue of a baby whale shark in Pilar, Sorsogon. The 15-inch sea creature locally called butanding was captured on Friday, March 6, 2009.

After documentation and making sure the animal wasn’t hurt, the baby butanding was released in deep waters by marine conservation officers. They said the encounter of the young for the first time in the area suggests Sorsogon is a breeding and birthing place for this animal.

At certain months of the year, tourists visit Sorsogon to watch adult friendly whale sharks interact with people. (Photo Credit: WWF)=0=

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“Osama Bin Laden” among the 11.000 job applicants for "the best job in the world"

February 9, 2009

Unemployment is common and rising worldwide. The recruitment to fill in the “best job in the world” drummed up by the Queensland Department of Tourism drew 11,000 applicants who expressed interest to be a promoter of Hamilton Island, a picturesque tourist spot destination in the eastern coast of Australia.

Among the earnest job seekers is a prankster named Osama Bin Laden (OBL) who submitted a video application at website showing the real bearded fugitive OBL in his night gown justifying his qualifications to be an island caretaker.

“One of the applications was a 30-second prank video showing the world’s most wanted man, with nonsensical sounds dubbed over his real voice. Using subtitles, bin Laden argues his case for the six-month contract, describing himself as “outgoing,” “familiar with sandy areas” and experienced with ‘large scale event coordination.’ “—Yahoo. News (02/05/09, Goldsmith B, Fahmy, M)

The tourism job which offers $150,000 for a six-month outdoor stint in an island with enchanting coral reefs and unspoiled beaches attracted unusually high number of eager applicants from 162 countries. The successful employment seeker will be chosen at the conclusion of the $17,000-tourism campaign which offers a rent-free, stress-free stay in a villa in Australia’s Hamilton Island. (Photo Credit: Nattus x 2) =0=

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"Best Job in the World” website crashes in a deluge of interested applicants

January 14, 2009

Several hours after the Australian Tourism Department of Queensland announced that a unique job in a Whitsunday Island is seeking a caretaker-promoter to be paid a juicy salary of $100,000, a deluge of applicants and prospective candidates rushed to Part of its campaign to boost tourism, the website needs a reliable person to live a leisurely life in the enchanting reef-island of Hamilton—a low-stress and “carefree” nature experience in an Aussie seaside paradise that will be shared with a weekly blog, video or a press release.

The position caught the attention of thousands. The sought-after website crashed due to heavy stream of interested individuals worldwide wanting to know about the position whose relaxing duties include fish feeding, cleaning a pool and accepting mail deliveries.

It doesn’t require prior experience and commences on July 1, 2009. One can just imagine the work people prefer.—Yahoo.News/ Reuters (01/14/09, Fahmy, M; Yates, D)(Photo Credit: Miriam36) =0=

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Best job in some enchanted island: Is it for you?

January 13, 2009

Australia is offering a unique six-months job for a caretaker-promoter of a pristine island. Dubbed as the “best job in the world,” it is offered by the Australian Tourism Department to boost its travel industry in Hamilton Island, part of an eastern continental group of islands called Whitsunday Islands in the coast of Queensland.

The job which pays $100,000 salary ($150, 000 Aus dollars) demands for a nature- loving outdoor person who enjoys taking leisurely walks on white beaches, swim and snorkel on the reefs. He must be able to blog and make videos of his experience on a weekly basis made available to promote the place for tourism. The low-stress work package includes a free living quarters in an oceanfront villa and air fare that brings the worker in and from the island.—AP (01/13/09)

Applicants can be anyone from any country. Eleven (11) will be selected and brought to Hamilton Island as finalists from a search which commences on February 11, 2009. The winner will be chosen before July 1 when the work begins. There will surely be interested applicants for such enchanted tour of duty. Is it for you? =0=

"Merci" Goes a Long Way in Paris

June 17, 2008

At boarding time in New York’s JFK airport, they called an airport assistant to push me on a wheelchair right at the plane’s door. To avoid explaining my physical disability, I brandished a steel cane which was earlier cleared of explosives by the Homeland Security.

I wasn’t too old to strut with that walking stick, but without it, people wouldn’t believe I wasn’t in good health. My pallor, a result of long-standing severe anemia, was deceptively masked by my dark skin.

I was the first to board the plane. The crew members of Air France escorted me to my seat close to the aisle, a spot I chose so I could stretch my legs and walk in-flight to avoid blood clots in my legs during a six-hour transatlantic trip. They spoke French, but I insisted on English to which they cordially responded in a heavy accent.

On my arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I had Benoit Geiger, a Frenchman and his Filipina wife eagerly waiting. Having friends like them was a big treat. In their small, fuel-efficient car, off we went to tour the city. I discovered a lot about Paris—a bit of its history, its genteel charm, and the pleasures it could offer its visitors.

There are many tourist attractions at center of the city. Among the most popular is the Arc de Triomphe which is a grand traffic stone landmark beside an awesome tree-lined garden commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, honoring the military achievements of the French people.
The Eiffel Tower, one of the most imposing landmarks in Europe, stands prominently in the skyline, a favorite sight which draws people to muse on the splendor of steel: a broad-based needle tapering out in the wind, hovering high, close to the clouds.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, a magnificent 14th century ornate gothic cathedral reminds visitors of the city’s vibrant religious past. The Louvre Museum is among the countless cultural gems which show Paris’ exquisite aesthetic sensibilities—mostly pre-20th century artworks which date back before the days of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. The Seine River, a picturesque waterway with beautiful arched bridges offers a romantic boat ride (Bateaux Parisiens,) giving a fascinating view of the city.

Many buildings in the center of Paris are historic. Though they’re old, the mostly beige-colored edifices are religiously maintained, giving the locale its ambience of elegance, character, and beauty. Even their shopping centers are housed in stunning old stone buildings. Not as tall as I find the refractive glass towers of New York, the Paris constructions exude a more relaxed, earth-bound feel of the metropolis.

The most exciting part of my visit is the food. The Parisians are known for their culinary delights and wonders. Their veggies are carefully presented; their meat dishes well-seasoned and yummy. A mixture of aroma and flavor goes well with French food and its famous wine and bread. Not as greasy as the American fastfood, the French meal is a true epicurean treat.

The Parisians speak their language with palpable pride. That’s why I carried a handy survival book of words to ease communication. Monsieur (mister,) mademoiselle (miss,) and merci (thank you) are some words which go a long way with bonjour (good morning) or bonsoir (good evening.) Like divine mantras, the words are quite helpful in every conversation. They are almost indispensable at the end of every dinner when it’s time to pay and give away appreciation for some food and service. An average service charge of 15% is usual, but tips of 1 to 3 Euros are appreciated.

Because there are countless wonderful things one can spend for in the heart of Paris, staying there can be captivating, if not addicting. Certainly, there are less pricey places in the world than the French capital city, but visiting the place is worth the “thank you’s,” the memory, and the cost. I didn’t even think so much that I was physically handicapped the last time I was there. =0=