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April yard sale of Michael Jackson’s glitzy memorabilia in Beverly Hills faces lawsuit

March 25, 2009

Controversy has been sparked by forthcoming auction of some 2,000 items of Michael Jackson’s interesting memorabilia from his once-glorious 2,800 acre fantasy estate, the Neverland. The sale pieces which have been exhibited in the Newbridge Silverware Museum in Ireland drew crowds of Jackson’s curious fans and admirers.

Set in April in Beverly Hills in California, Darren Julien, president of the the Julien Auctions said it is moving ahead with the 4-day sale slated on April 22 to 25, 2009, in spite of demands from Jackson’s representatives and lawyers to postpone the sale because of “danger” posed on the auctioneers. The company handling the sale hopes it will prevail over in a lawsuit in which Jackson asserted he did not give permission to sell many of his personal belongings.

Included in the sale are Jackson’s personal items, decorative arts, and fascinating antiques which are estimated to raise $10 to $20 million—- cash that the legendary King of Pop badly needs at this time of financial difficulty. Five percent of the sale will be allotted to charity. (Photo Credit: LA Times/ AFP/ Getty Images x 2; European Pressphoto Agency)=0=

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Rap artist Francis Magalona, 44, dies of leukemia complications

March 7, 2009

The country has lost a modern-day artist, a nationalist in his own creative way. Francis M. used music and fashion to promote love of country among Filipino youth.” —Sen. Bong Revilla

Entertainment world in the Philippines grieves the passing of popular rapper-composer Francis Magalona (1964-2009,) a 44-year old father of eight, of leukemia, in Medical City Hospital, Mandaluyong, Metromanila.

Following the disclosure of his illness last year, Magalona was treated with a series of chemotherapy which brought the cancer in remission. However, the ebullient husband of Pia Arroyo succumbed to severe infection—sepsis following a bout of pneumonia.

The celebrated singer was waiting for a bone marrow transplant before his death on Friday, March 6, 2009. His remains were brought to Christ the King Memorial Chapel at Green Meadows in Quezon City. (Photo Credit: fadedmilkyway)=0=

UPDATE: On March 11, 2009, Wednesday, Francis Magalona’s remains were cremated.


A footnote from Madonna’s nude photo

February 13, 2009

If only to remind us that it’s the culture, value judgment, and sensibility of the 21st century that people are living, Madonna’s nude photo taken when the singer was just 20 years old trying to make ends meet, fetched for a record sell of $35,500.

The astounding amount is enough to stave off hunger of more than 35,500 indigent families in the Third World for a day or feed greater than 1,167 poor families for one month.

The frontal shot was taken for a measly $25 in a 1979 photo session with the then obscure Madonna Louise Ciccone before she became the well-known Madonna, the celebrity of the musical world. The photo was bought by an unidentified European buyer at a price more than twice than originally expected in a New York auction on February 12, 2009. (Photo Credit: Tony Barton PD) =0=


Michael Jackson’s white sequined glove for sale

December 14, 2008

King of Pop Michael Jackson had known what economic downturn means early on. Before the money crunch of Wall Street hugged the news, Michael already met his own financial rut. Because of insolvency, Neverland, his fabled private 2,800-acre (1,100 hectares) amusement park in Los Olivos, California was a subject of foreclosure proceedings. Last month he had to settle out of court with a Bahraini prince on a lawsuit of a failed music deal. This is on top of a child molestation case he had ot endure a few years back.

The 50-year old reclusive music star is now about to tap cash from his personal effects. It was announced that the famous beaded white glove he used in the “Billie Jean” video will be put out for sale along with other items. To woo the highest bidder, the glittery glove and some 2,000 pieces of his memorabilia will be auctioned to realize cash, part of which will be used to support charities.

Jackson’s story continues to befuddle his fans. His life tells of a tragi-comic tale of a ride in a world that is often solicitous, but at times— harsh and forbidding. Looking at the state of things, what is clear is money problem affects not only the poor but the super rich as well. (Photo Credit: www. Bongo =0=


Mga magandang himig ng pasko

December 8, 2008

I. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit

Ang pasko ay sumapit
Tayo ay mangagsiawit
Ng magagandang himig
Dahil sa ang Diyos ay pagibig.

Ng si Kristoy’y isilang
May tatlong haring nagsidalaw
At and bawat’t isa ay nagsipaghandog
Ng tanging alay.

Bagong taon ay mag-bagong buhay
Nang lumigaya ang ating bayan
Tayo’’y magsikap upang makamtan natin
Ang kasaganaan,

Tayo’y mangagsiawit
Habang ang mundo’y tahimik,
Ang araw ay sumapit
Ng sanggol na dulot ng langit..

Tayo ay mag mahalan;
Ating sundin and gintong aral
At magbuhat ngayon
Kahit hindi pasko ay magbigayan.

II. Kami’y Namamasko

Sa may bahay an gaming bati:
Merry Christmas na maluwalhati.
Ang pag-ibig pag siyang naghari
Araw araw ay magiging paskong lagi.

Ang sanhi ng pagparito
Hihingi po ng agilnaldo.
Kung sakalit kami’y perhwisyo;
Pasensiya na kayo’t kami’y namamasko.

III. Pasko na Naman

Pasko na naman, o kay tulin ng araw;
Paskong nagdaan tila ba kung kaylan lang.
Ngayon ay pakso tayo ay magbigayan;
Ngayon ay pasko tayo ay magmahalan.

Pasko, pasko, pasko na naming muli;
Tanging araw nating mpinakmimithi;
Pasko, pasko,pasko na naming muli,
Ang Pag-ibig ay naghahari.

IV. Pasko sa Nayon: Noche Buena

Kay sigla ng gabi ang lahat ay kay saya;
Nagluto ang ate ng manok na tinola;
Sa bahay tahanan may handing iba’t iba.

Tayo ng giliw magsalo na tayo;
Meron na tayong tinapay at keso;
Di ba notche Buena sa gabing ito
At bukas ay araw ng pasko?

Nagsabit ang parol sa bintana
May awitan habang ginagawa;
Ang pamasko nilang ihahanda
Ang bawa’t isa’y natutuwa.

(Photo Credits: Santa Barbara Catholic School; MKella55; Paula Brandao; Santa Barbara Catholic School)


Ricky Martin, singer, a father of twins

August 21, 2008

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, 36, becomes a father of boy twins born through ‘gestational surrogacy” this August 2008. The identity of the mother who donated the egg(s) nor the woman who carried the babies to term isn’t presently known, but babies, and dad are reportedly well.

La subrogación gestacional es la transferencia del embrión a una mujer que lo carga en su útero. Generalmente la mujer que lo carga no tiene ninguna relación genética con el feto.’—NY Daily News /AP/Prensa Associada (08/20/08) “Gestational surrogacy” is the transfer of the embryo to a woman who carries the baby to term in her uterus. The woman has no genetic affinity with the embryo (becomes a fetus when it gets older in utero.) The embryo is fertilized in vitro from a donor egg of a woman (different from the one who carries the baby to term)with the father’s sperm.

Known for being a member of the popular boy dance-sing group called Menudo, his later hit interpretation of “Livin’ with La Vida Loca” and his charitable works for the prevention of human trafficking and child exploitation, Martin has custody of the twins and is elated to assume fatherhood. *PCredit: Getty Images)=0=