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Aden-CSI University HS reunion a success!

September 15, 2008

Among UP Ibalon’s ever increasing friends, the alumni and alumnae of Ateneo de Naga Univerisity (AdenU) and Colegio de Sta. Isabel (USI) Class 1973 held their memorable reunion, the first in 35 years, in Naga City, Philippines on Saturday, September 13, 2008.

Spearheaded by Engr. George Yorobe, hubby of UP Ibalon’s Dr. May Magdalene I. Velasco, the celebration was a happy start to usher in Bicolandia’s feast of the Virgin of Penafrancia which will culminate on September 21, 2008. The combined group of enthusiastic batchmates that include Matt Lamit, Val Torrecampo, Chito Parma, Art Villamor, Nonong Molaer, Larry Limjoco, Bernie Palma, Mon Odiamar, Roy Fernando, Ted Orante, Monching Cervantes, Iggi Camacho, Willie Verdadero, Arlen Barrameda, Jun Briones, Totoy Buenafe, Dick Perez, Errol Angeles, Sam Sabocor, Joseph Buenavente, Boy Estiva, Paul Cunanan, Tong Pilar, Art Torralba, Bobby Garza, Walter Mendez, Ric National, Ed Nicolas, Paul Antero, Marcial Aguilar, Gisbert Beringuela, Ding Salvosa, Edwin Rivero, Rolly Salazar worked with Mary Ann Pelagio, Nini Ragragio-Bolivar, Girlie Badiola, Leilani Rosero-Odiamar, Marive Roco, Christine Ascarraga, Maricar Imperial and among others to make the event a smashing reality. Fr. Antonio de los Santos and Fr. Wilmer Tria served as the group’s spiritual advisers.

According to Nini R. Bolivar, the reunion which bridged old friendships and renewed memories was an opportunity to plan future group undertakings including joint socio-cultural projects planned for the community. The Class of ’73 thanks all those who in one way or another helped make the reunion a success. (Photo Credits: AdenUHS’73/Dr. Ramon P. Odiamar/CSIHS’73 Siiribananmi)


UP Ibalon Bicol Fellowship on 08/08/08

August 7, 2008

Dr. Andy Gimpaya and Ibalonians in Bicol are inviting members to come for a gathering in Naga City, Philippines at Bob Marlin’s, 8 p.m., on 08/08/08. The auspicious date offers new opportunities to have a little fun and strengthen the bonds among members.

Exciting personalities like Ate May (Dr. May Magdalene V. Yorobe,) Jun Olin, Ann Mariano, Totoy Badiola, Melissa Sieglinde E. Borromeo-Bulaong, Dulce D. Bernardo, Carmela Magpantay, Dan Daz, Edna Fatima Balaquiao et al are expected to attend. The occasion will provide the group a chance to plan its projects in the future. Contacts: Andy: 09196041633; Ann: 0927006705; Totoy: 09178210315 =0=

Nostalgic Connections

June 11, 2008

April completed her pre-college schooling in Cardington, Ohio. It was in this quaint beautiful midwestern American town where the Rotary scholar, Dr. May Magdalene V. Yorobe’s daughter, started learning about the world away from home. Dr. Yorobe, a UP Ibalonian, came to visit her only girl right before graduation. She traveled the north central states to Ohio and went as far as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York to discover, learn, and answer a few questions.

What is the most helpful tool in your travel bag?
A cell phone.

Why did you come without George, your hubby?
George wanted to be with me, but he’s busy in Manila. With his tight schedule, he can’t even go home to Bicol as much as he wanted to.

What comes next for your daughter April now that she has finished school in Ohio?
She’ll proceed with nursing when she returns to Manila this June. She desires to help the sick and perhaps take care of me when I grow old (laughter.)

You’ve been in many places in America. Which was the most memorable?
Washington, DC. I loved the energy and message of the Memorial Day celebration. The historic pieces of Americana shown in the parade were stunning. I was elated by the sights and sounds of native Indians in their colorful feathered costumes, the contingent of old war veterans, and the beautiful song “God Bless America.”

Did you connect with Filipinos in your travel?
Definitely. I made many connections even with people I met for the first time. I couldn’t forget the petite Filipina sweetly wrapped around a burly black guy I saw in Maryland. In her tight-fitting tube blouse and matching miniskirt, the Pinay looked more American to me than most of the people around. Yet, she gave me a friendly, warm, and generous smile which I thought was lacking among other Filipinos I encountered elsewhere.

How did it feel to be in Broadway this summer?
The warm weather made my light clothes from Naga wearable in Manhattan. On sunny days, the tall buildings stood with ample shade to make sunblock unnecessary. New York City looked massively claustrophobic, but the spires and glass buildings were awesome. In that crowded strip of earth in Times Square the giant neon lights were ablaze even at noontime. The Phantom of the Opera still stalked viewers at the Majestic Theatre and to my surprise, a number of Filipinos lined up to watch the show after a very long run.

What were your thoughts when you stood at the site of 9/11?
The rugged huge hole in the ground where the Twin Towers once stood made me sad. I recalled the 4,000 innocent lives which were lost when the terrorists crashed the airplanes into the buildings. It’s good another edifice, a magnificent memorial for the fallen ones, is about to rise above ground zero and reaches out for the sky.

How did you react upon seeing Ibalonians you never saw for many years?
I couldn’t help, but yell on top of my voice during the reunion. I wanted to recapture the past that suddenly materialized in front of me. It seemed eternity that I waited so long to see them. No wonder loads of stories came flowing in— They brought back the wonderful past and the glowing present. The future, we talked about with hope, optimism, and great joy.

Who were the Ibalonians you met and those you missed?

In Wisconsin, I visited Dr. Ramon Ray G. Rayel and his family. Ray has still that gracious voice that tickles my funny bone. In Indiana, I found Dr. Divinia Nolasco-Reis brimming with hospitality. Her stories were plucked straight from the heart— red-hot and spicy. In New York, Dr. Totie Mesia got a trove of memories which made me feel good about how friendships evolve, mellow, and last through the years. We planned a huddle with fellow-Ibalonians Raniela Barbaza and Bingbing Badiola-Bretan somewhere in Queens. It didn’t happen. We simply lacked time. I wanted to see Dr. Yasmin Paje-Banzon and Gods A. Lanuza in Vancuover, BC, but they were off my itinerary.

When will you come back?
As soon as possible, preferably when George is ready to go with me in USA. =0=

"Mayong Ibalon na Paroton"

February 18, 2008

You’re right Andy! This blog is ours. Nobody must be inhibited to write the blog, at anytime, in whatever form, mood, or style. The purpose is plain communication; any style must be poignantly endearing to all Ibalonians. Am I correct, Mighty, Min, Vines, Pitmo, Jaze, Fatima, Totoy?

I’m feeling iffy about that “great” post that might alienate the young Ibalons. I assure you, Totie is still the regular guy. I hope my ubiquitous presence here won’t be a bother to anyone.

Eden B. Fernando told me, “Ano daw ta an iba, pasyente ko na, dae pa nagpapabistong Ibalon sinda?” An sabi ko man, “kulang lang yan sa communication, baka nasusupog!” “But for what? ” she asked.

I’ll lament if you guys would do it here. Don’t hesitate to speak your minds—To be a lurker (all the time) is a disservice. It’s antithetical to Ibalon’s tradition. Sabi ni Fems sagkod May Magdalene mayo baga daang Ibalon na paroton!


Suportado ko an grupo sa objetong kita mag-kasararo man guiraray. Dae ko aram kun pareho an mati kan Ibalon sa grupong nagserbing gabay kan kita si’punon pa, pano pa nin duda sa satuyang pagka-tawo. Ini sana, dakulang razon kita mag-ogma. An dalan na satuyang linakawan halawig na! =0=

Andy, what you recounted when we first talked a long while in that crowded Tutuban station wells my eyes. I thought of it as an epiphany of the joys and sadness we were to deal with in the years ahead.

I was acting like a big brother to you who was a year younger than me in Ateneo. I knew then we shared tall dreams of being doctors in a place away from our parents. I had the unease and trepidation that loomed over our shoulders knowing that UP was far from a picnic.

In Tutuban were disrespectful ticket fixers, but we patiently waited. Distracting us away from boredom and from the smell of sweat om that room which almost robbed our breathe, we talked as if we were at the foot of Mount Everest. On a clearing, Andy and I marvelled at the glory of the top. Unsure of ourselves though, we asked if we had the stamina to survive UP.

Now I can say, God has been magnanimous. Andy ended up in UP College of Medicine and I, in UERM. And we have UP Ibalon, the binding tie that we all share.


Kami Minagalang….. an maogmang proyecto nin kanta sagkod barayle kan UP Concert Chorus na patronicido kan UP Ibalon.

Dae ko maling’wan an souvenir program na guinibo ko sa direksiyon ni Nestor Raneses. Siisay daw satuya an may kopya? Lingaw na ako kun ano an sinurat ko para sa ipugay an mga pamosong kantante kan UP.

Kan nagadan si Bebeth Espeso, yaon ako sa Iriga. Sa bukid na-Arnel Malaya, sa tuktok nin kahoy, nagkakan nin star-apple (may kapaslu’an ano?)

Dae tulos kami nagpa-Legaspi ni Arnel para sa mahamison na prutas ha haloy ng tagama ni Mama Puring sagkod Papa Ben, magurang ni Arnel.)

Idto palan binawi’an na nin buhay si Bebeth. Kaya pag-kaaga, dae ko maintindihan ta si Yasmin dae nag-ngi-ngirit, mayong guirong. Biernes santo kami duman sa harong na Tibo David.

Nagsentir ako na su pinili kong cover kan Kami Minagalang souvenir program, itom na retrato kan Oblation. Dae ko aram, para sa iba, paligsok palan idto!

The UP Concert Chorus Bicol tour was supposed to be a happy event. But when the group performed at Colegio de Sta. Isabel auditorium, Ibalon’s energy was at a low ebb. Nobody wanted to handle the strobe lights that Sabu Sabularse and others prepared to highlight the charged finale of the performance.

Ibalon wrongly entrusted the strobe’s blinding blinks on my hands. Disaster!

I became fascinated to turn the strobes for each song I liked! Dae palan idto bagay sa kundiman! Then someone patted my back and said, “Tan’o ta pigpaparabukasan mo yan! Napo’on pa sana baga an concierto! Totie, magpundo ka daa ta para sa finale ang ilaw na iyan! Pinapa-avisohan ka ni Rey Paguio!!!” LOL!

Grabe si ngarak-ngakan na Ray Rayel, Mac Pavia, Julius y Arnel Malaya kan maaraman na ako an nagpag-kimat-kimat kan ilaw! Pulong-pulong si amigo ni Sabu na iyo an lights director.

Rey Paguio was UPCC’s brilliant maestro-conductor who brought the Bikolanos songs from Bach to Bacharach. He had a flair for the music of San Pedro, Saint Saens, Vivaldi, Bernstein, Mozart plus a host of musical greats, including the originators of our local favorites like “Sinisinta kita,” “Sarong Banggui,” “Bayan ko,”and even that familiar Irish ditty, Londonderry Air (Danny Boy.) The pianist at that time was a prodigious talent from Albay.

Liwat kong paguiromdom sa mga Ibalons: “Queridos amigos y amigas, tabi man, dae kita mag-alangan na magposte (lalo na an mga jovenes diyan.) Kada linyang isurat nindo, sarong burabod nin kaogmahan! “

“Gabos kita talentosong mga tawo—an luya kan saro, kusog kan iba,” iyo baga an sabi kan satuyang mga magurang! An karahayan kan pakikisumaro— iguang kitang kusog para magamit para sa kadaklan.

Dae ta tabi maling’wan: bakong para siempre (forever) an blog. Habang igua, makisabay sa dalan kan pag-iriba.

The best part of Andy’s post was on how romance bloomed on Nancy under the roving eyes of the disabled miserly Don Susano. I’m so thankful how God took care of you whom I haven’t seen for so long! Ah! those blessed kids of yours! I trust they’ll do well in their careers. It must be written in the genes and the stars!

I recall Nancy who used to grace some of our meetings before. Am I right she’s Emily Sales’ friend? I thought you guys crossed our talks when I went to Pili for the fiesta. Has Emily married? Is she still living in that ancestral home infront of the municipal hall? I recall the Sales family has a very delicious way of celebrating the town fiesta! The scrumptious leche flan, fruit salad, and lechon in that house were superb! The best ever, in Pilitown!

Would Emily still remember me? Extend my regards if you do see her. Tiyong Sesinando, her congenial dad, was a close friend of my father

Tsk…tsk… halaba na naman! Antes de salir, Andy, salamat boy sa recuerdos buenos mo para sako (those extra-kind words that left me thinking whether I deserved them!) Bago mag-go, gusto kong ipa-abot an sakong maibong na patara-tara kinda Abet Guballa, Amy Goleta, Tess General et al. na dae ko naguiromdoman sa enot na poste!

Dios bendiga saindo gabos! Mag-ingat kita sa gubot!